Dental Office Gone Beach Party, All for Charity

Do you ever have those days at the office where you can’t stop day dreaming about being on the beach? Me too! This is where we got inspiration for our new Smiles for Life music video. From March to June, we are offering in-office and at-home whitening for a discounted price, plus, the best part is 100% of the proceeds goes to charity and all of it is tax deductible! Yes, you read that right, 100%! Each year we donate half the proceeds to the Smiles for Life Foundation (an amazing children’s charity), and we donate the other half to a local charity. This year is especially close to our hearts because it will be donated to a close Chaffin Dental Care family friend, Mackenzie Madsen. She even graduated from Mount Spokane High School with Dr Topher! Mackenzie has Pulmonary Veno-Occlusive Disease (PVOD) where she has to be on oxygen twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Only one in six million are diagnosed with this. She currently lives in San Francisco where she is waiting for a double lung transplant. Although Mackenzie is going through this hardship, she still stays positive, strong in her faith and is hopeful for what is to come. Her attitude is as bright as the San Francisco sunshine.

This year I was thinking, how can we bring attention to our Smiles for Life campaign? So we started brainstorming… we thought what better way than to do a lip sync music video and fill it with sunshine? To bring the beach warmth to us, we had everything from beach attire and a cooler with lemonade in it to a blow up palm tree and an actual sand castle! Believe it or not, gathering the props was the easy part, the hard part was the actual filming. We all had to step out of our shells to successfully turn our dental office into a fun and festive beach party.

For your entertainment, Dr. “Count” Chaffin has a guitar solo, Dr. Topher dances on a chair and Mary teaches us how to hula dance! Just to name a few of the fun skits you can look forward to watching. Luci was the architect behind the gorgeous sand castle in our video! She decked it out with a sand bucket, shovels and a starfish. You had better watch closely to see all the detail she put into that amazing castle! Images leading up to the video are showcased on our Instagram page. We had such a great time bonding as a team to create this fun video for you to watch. We hope it gives you many laughs and that you watch it over and over again. Make sure to call our office before the end of June to ensure your payment goes to charity and that you receive the discounted prices. Let me know what you think of our video after you check it out! Should we have more in the future?

Published By: Sarah Steele

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