Dental Implants

Why Dental Implants?

A person’s smile can convey several emotions at once and society judges people’s intelligence and honesty based on their smile. Missing teeth can be negatively perceived and ruin self-esteem, don’t let this happen to you! Dental implants can fill the spaces where teeth once were but are now gone. At Chaffin Dental Care, in Spokane, WA, we can help you obtain affordable dental implants that look and feel natural. If you are suffering from poor oral health, have difficulty speaking, or are unable to eat comfortably, Chaffin Dental Care can help! Dental Implants are a wonderful solution that will help you quickly restore your confidence and function.

Dental Implants – A permanent solution to replace missing teeth

Dental implants are permanent, man-made tooth replacements that can be used to replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth, or an entire mouth. Dental implants are superior to other tooth replacement options because they feel like your natural teeth and can last a lifetime. Dental Implants allow you to chew your food with confidence, are easy to clean, and don’t require a sticky paste to keep them in place. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that helps prevent bone from melting away.

The entire dental implant procedure consists of two parts, a titanium man-made root and a man-made tooth on top. The man-made root is surgically placed in the bone and allowed to heal. After the man-made root is fused with the bone, a man-made crown/tooth is placed on top. Each dental implant restoration (man-made tooth) is customized specifically to fit your smile comfortably and aesthetically.

To help keep dentures from moving around, dental implants can have button-like attachments that snap the denture in place. As little as two dental implants can drastically improve the stability of a denture. Say goodbye to floating dentures!

Why Choose the Dental Implant team at Chaffin Dental Care in Spokane?

Finding an experienced dental service provider can be a challenging process. At Chaffin Dental Care, you share with us what your needs and wants are, and we share with you how you can get there. You always have the ability to do as much or as little as you want, and you stay in control. At Chaffin Dental Care, we provide compassionate, professional dental care at a reasonable price. Many of our dental implant patients are so pleased with their new teeth that their only regret is that they didn’t act sooner to fix their smiles.

Dr. Chris Chaffin and Dr. Topher Chaffin are pleased to offer dental implants at our Spokane, WA office. You’re invited to schedule a consultation today! This is the first step towards your new, customized smile. The team at Chaffin Dental Care is looking forward to helping you reach your smile goals. Call 509-467-6128 today to learn more about dental implants in Spokane, Washington, and to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentists!

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