Mouth Guards, Function and Style

Have you noticed those colored plastic ornaments that athletes wear in their mouths? Have you seen NFL players spit them out of their helmets? Or NBA superstars take them out in between plays? As cool as they look all decked out in team colors and mascots, they are actually taking action to protect their teeth from possible serious oral injury. Do you or someone you know play a contact sport? If you play football, mouth guards are most likely already required. You may be surprised that the ADA is adding other low impact sports to the list of sports that now require mouth guards. Sports such as track, biking and cross training, just to name a few, are starting to see more regulations. Did you know you can get a personalized mouth guard, just like the pros have, here at Chaffin Dental Care?

We use a product called “TekFit” which uses a custom fit soft plastic to create the best guard for your teeth. You may be thinking, “Haven’t I seen generic mouth guards in the store?” Yes, yes, you have but the key word here is “generic”. You can buy “boil and bite” or a “stock” model. These may seem like an easier option because they are at the store, but the reality is that they are not nearly as protective. These options are not custom fit by professionals, so they often have excess material left on them. This begins to cause problems with clenching, talking and even sometimes, in the worst cases, problems with breathing. It might be more convenient for you to pick one up at the store on your way home from work or school, but, in the long run, you are better off with one that is custom made for your mouth and your needs. Not only is it better for talking and breathing without all that extra materiel, but we modify it so you can also easily speak with it. Buying from the store you would also not be able to have the customization options. Could you imagine if mouth guards were like shoes?

Getting a mouth guard at Chaffin Dental Care ensures that you are getting a fit that meets your personal and unique needs. Did you know that 80% of sports related dental injuries happen with the upper front teeth? Many people are embarrassed by having a chipped front tooth. Be sure to take the precautions of wearing a mouth guard while playing contact sports. Whether you are involved in high contact sports such as hockey, or even a low impact sport like biking, wearing a mouth guard can be the difference between a full smile verses a holey smile. Mouth guards are great for preventing serious mouth or jaw injuries but at the same time, they look great too! You can show off your team spirit with the Tek-Fit app we use, where you can make all the customizations you want. From color to design, you can make it your own. Check out the app and give us a call on what you want made, Steph can make it happen!

Published By: Sarah Steele

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