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We first began our blog with the intention of educating you on dental health. We also started our blog to talk about positive local events and businesses in our Spokane community.

Local businesses are the heartbeat of this town. They keep our local economy thriving. Not to mention, they bring us unique goods and services that chains and franchises don’t bring to the table.

Coeur Coffeehouse is bringing crazy good coffee, exceptional service, and a cool atmosphere to the table, which is a lot more than we can say about coffee chains in the area. Coeur which translates to “heart” in French has a simple philosophy — to create all of their coffee with love.

There is a large problem in America with coffeehouses not responsibly sourcing their coffee, which leads to a lot of pain and suffering for the people farming the coffee. At Coeur Coffeehouse, they only use the most ethically sourced coffee and ingredients, guaranteeing that your coffee is not only made with love but also grown with love. Coeur’s initiative is making positive impacts on a global and local level.

Coeur’s attention to detail also shines through in the fact that all of their flavors are handcrafted from scratch. They use flavors to accent the coffee, rather than mask the flavor with processed sugar. They use fresh ingredients:

Their vanilla is organically extracted from the finest vanilla beans, organic sugar, and pure water.
Their chocolate is also made from responsibly sourced, unsweetened cocoa powder that’s sweetened with honey and blue agave.
Their caramel is made from organic butter, handcrafted vanilla, local honey, brown sugar, and organic whipping cream. They even seasonally handcraft their own pumpkin spice syrup from pure and fresh ingredients.
The best thing about their ingredients is that they make perfect cups of coffee. Their menu is minimalistic, meaning that they have your typical coffee varieties brewed in a few different ways and a little tea selection. Their espressos and Chemex brewed coffees are exceptional. They also have a huge selection of fresh milk alternatives, including hemp milk, if you have diet restrictions.

They also have a few different selections of coffee beans roasted to perfection. They get a lot of their beans roasted at Roseline Coffee Roasters, which is considered one of the greatest roasters in the nation. On top of their fresh roasted coffee, the baristas here know what they’re doing. They pay keen attention to detail, which you can tell from their latte art alone. They also have a pretty decent selection of homemade treats, like pastries, muffins, and cookies.

If you’re like most people and need coffee for a nice boost in the morning, Coeur’s coffee will give you jet rockets. Like the menu, the inside of the coffeehouse is minimalistic, which is nice because there isn’t any distracting décor, if you need to get work done. At the same time, they promote local artists by selling small prints in their shop.

One thing you should note is that their parking is metered, so make sure you bring some quarters to feed the machine.

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