Find Your Next Favorite Book at 2nd Look Books

Like we mentioned in our last blog, we’re big supporters of small local businesses here in Spokane. With the annual Independent Bookstore Day just around the corner, we could think of no better business to feature than 2nd Look Books. This local bookstore is a favorite spot for many book lovers in the community. Not only can you enjoy an incredible selection of books, but you also get the cozy, friendly atmosphere that you won’t have the chance to enjoy at corporate-owned bookstores. To explain more about this local gem, dental implant provider, Dr. Chris Chaffin gives his readers an in-depth look at 2nd Look Books.

Whether you’re a fan of classic literature or modern best-sellers, you’ll be sure to find your next favorite book at 2nd Look Books. This local bookstore is located at 2829 E. 29th Avenue, in the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center.

As the name implies, 2nd Look Books carries an amazing selection of used books. This brings new life to old, forgotten books that would otherwise be wasting away in the attic. You can even trade your old books in for in-store credit. They take books in the order that they are received, which means you may need to come in at a later time to pick up your credit or books not accepted. 2nd Look Books also limits you to now more than 20 books for in-store credit per day. You’ll receive about 20% of the current book price and the book will be accepted or not accepted based off of the current inventory and condition of the trade-in book. They don’t accept specific items like textbooks, magazines, encyclopedias, book club editions or any book that is in damaged condition.

While you can truly find some hidden treasures in their collection of used books, you’ll also be able to find the latest, most buzz-worthy reads out right now. 2nd Look Books always keeps their shelves stocked with fresh fiction. You can find books ranging in genres from poetry to self-help. With such a vast collection of books, you would figure it can be difficult to track down a specific book. This is definitely not the case for 2nd Look Books! This store is organized perfectly, which makes it easy to readers to browse around or pinpoint the exact book they’re looking for. If you can’t find a specific book, simply ask a friendly staff member and they will be more than happy to help you track down what you’re looking for.

It can be rather easy to lose track of time in this local bookstore. In fact, the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere of 2nd Look Books makes it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a great read. This is, by far, one of the most charming bookstores you’ll find in Spokane. There are shelves of books stuffed into every nook and cranny of this local bookstore. With Forza Coffee right next door and their cozy reading room on the lower level, 2nd Look Books is a bookworm’s paradise.

Bottom Line: This is a must-stop for any avid book readers here in Spokane. For more information about this local bookshop, visit the 2nd Look Books website.

Coeur Coffeehouse Make Their Coffee with Love

We first began our blog with the intention of educating you on dental health. We also started our blog to talk about positive local events and businesses in our Spokane community.

Local businesses are the heartbeat of this town. They keep our local economy thriving. Not to mention, they bring us unique goods and services that chains and franchises don’t bring to the table.

Coeur Coffeehouse is bringing crazy good coffee, exceptional service, and a cool atmosphere to the table, which is a lot more than we can say about coffee chains in the area. Coeur which translates to “heart” in French has a simple philosophy — to create all of their coffee with love.

There is a large problem in America with coffeehouses not responsibly sourcing their coffee, which leads to a lot of pain and suffering for the people farming the coffee. At Coeur Coffeehouse, they only use the most ethically sourced coffee and ingredients, guaranteeing that your coffee is not only made with love but also grown with love. Coeur’s initiative is making positive impacts on a global and local level.

Coeur’s attention to detail also shines through in the fact that all of their flavors are handcrafted from scratch. They use flavors to accent the coffee, rather than mask the flavor with processed sugar. They use fresh ingredients:

Their vanilla is organically extracted from the finest vanilla beans, organic sugar, and pure water.
Their chocolate is also made from responsibly sourced, unsweetened cocoa powder that’s sweetened with honey and blue agave.
Their caramel is made from organic butter, handcrafted vanilla, local honey, brown sugar, and organic whipping cream. They even seasonally handcraft their own pumpkin spice syrup from pure and fresh ingredients.
The best thing about their ingredients is that they make perfect cups of coffee. Their menu is minimalistic, meaning that they have your typical coffee varieties brewed in a few different ways and a little tea selection. Their espressos and Chemex brewed coffees are exceptional. They also have a huge selection of fresh milk alternatives, including hemp milk, if you have diet restrictions.

They also have a few different selections of coffee beans roasted to perfection. They get a lot of their beans roasted at Roseline Coffee Roasters, which is considered one of the greatest roasters in the nation. On top of their fresh roasted coffee, the baristas here know what they’re doing. They pay keen attention to detail, which you can tell from their latte art alone. They also have a pretty decent selection of homemade treats, like pastries, muffins, and cookies.

If you’re like most people and need coffee for a nice boost in the morning, Coeur’s coffee will give you jet rockets. Like the menu, the inside of the coffeehouse is minimalistic, which is nice because there isn’t any distracting décor, if you need to get work done. At the same time, they promote local artists by selling small prints in their shop.

One thing you should note is that their parking is metered, so make sure you bring some quarters to feed the machine.

A New Way to Brush Your Teeth

So far, we’ve talked a lot about the secrets of dental health success. On another note, it turns out the secret to a decent night’s sleep could interplay with your dental health routine.

Do you put a lot of thought into how, or when you brush your teeth? Most of us brush our teeth as we’re winding down before bed. Usually, we’re laying on the couch watching a little television or reading a book, as we feel the ZzZ’s start creeping in.

Most evenings, we slovenly pull ourselves off the couch, and tell ourselves something like, “okay, I guess I’ll get up and brush my teeth now.” We walk into the bathroom, turn the lights on, and get to brushing. Do you see anything wrong with this routine? From an oral health perspective, there’s nothing wrong with this routine. However, from a good night’s sleep perspective, turning the light on to brush your teeth could negatively impact your sleep.

Brushing Your Teeth with the Lights Off

Professor Russel Foster of circadian neuroscience at Oxford University claims that the fluorescent lighting in bathrooms can wake your body, when it should be shutting down for sleep. It makes sense, though. If you’ve ever gotten up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and turned the light on to a blinding feeling, then you understand how disruptive it can feel to turn the light on.

Most of the time, people dim their lights before bed, which helps your body get good and primed for sleep. Foster claims that you can fall to sleep better simply by brushing your teeth in the dark. Another option could be having a special “night time” mirror light, which would be less disruptive.

We don’t realize just how difficult it is for our bodies to regulate their sleep cycles. Over millions of years, the human body has evolved to interact with the light levels to turn genes on and off. During winter, sleep cycles often get confused, because we spend less time outside.

In fact, scientists have found that sitting away from the window at work can disrupt a normal night’s sleep by 46 minutes. This is because our brains are evolved to wake up with the sunlight, which is about 10,000 lux of light. On the other hand, indoor fluorescent lighting in offices only has about 300 to 500 lux.

Most people operate indoors the human body interprets this as a “dimly-lit cave,” and it confuses the body’s in-born clock. The best way to reset your body clock is by getting outside, especially in the morning. Another important restoring quality of sleep comes from dreaming. Dreaming is the way that we process information and make sense out of our day-to-day activities and knowledge.

Since the invention of the light-bulb, our bodies’ internal clocks have become even more confused. The small amount of light that’s radiated from light-bulbs is enough to trick us into thinking it’s daylight, even when we should be getting ready for bed.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is a human necessity. We spend about 36% of our life in slumber. Sleep is the key way that your body restores its cells, energy, and metabolic pathways. It’s also important for your body to rid itself of toxins. Sleep deprivation is shown to suppress your cognitive and creative ability. It can also hinder your immune system and increases your risk for obesity, diabetes, cancer, and mental illnesses.

It turns out that sleep deprivation could also be a factor in your oral health problems. We already mentioned that a proper night’s sleep helps our immune system function properly. A healthy immune system is required to fight off canker sores and gum disease. Teeth grinding is another oral health problem that is caused by sleep deprivation. Are you not getting a good night’s sleep? Try brushing with your lights off tonight and see if it makes a difference.

Oil Pulling: Is it Dangerous?

Brushing, flossing, and regularly going to the dentist are just a few of the best ways to keep your oral health in great shape. In the wake of popular “Pinterest hacks” and do-it-yourself treatments, we’ve had many of our patients here in Spokane, WA ask about the effectiveness of oil pulling. This trend has recently gained a lot of attraction for the numerous health benefits associated with it. Although the effectiveness of oil pulling is a topic of debate for many, we’d like to remind our readers that “DIY” treatments won’t have enormous health benefits if you’re already dealing with serious oral health issues like severe tooth decay or tooth loss. In these particular cases, we recommend coming into Chaffin Dental Care to learn more about dental implant treatment. Many patients dealing with the consequences of tooth loss have seen beautiful, long-lasting results from their dental implant treatment.

Now back to the real question we’ve hearing — Is oil pulling effective and what are the health risks of this trend? To explain more on this topic, Dr. Chris Chaffin gives his readers an in-depth look at the effectiveness and dangers of oil pulling.

Oil Pulling Basics

Although oil pulling is a recent trend in the western hemisphere, this practice actually formed thousands of years ago in ancient India. Oil pulling involves using an oil to swish around in your mouth for a specific amount of time. Common oils used include sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and sesame oil. In ancient India, oil pulling was believed to have multiple health benefits and was particularly great for oral health. It is said that oil pulling can help strengthen the teeth, gums, and jaw. The ancient Indians believed that is was an excellent method for curing problems like TMJ, tooth decay, and gum disease.

There were two primary methods for oil pulling — Gandusha and Kavala. The Gandusha method entailed filling the entire mouth with oil for three to five minutes and then disposing of the oil. With Kavala, a comfortable amount of oil is held for three minutes and then gargled and spit out. Other practitioners of this treatment believed that holding oil for up to 25 minutes would be best for drawing out toxins. After removing the oil from your mouth, you are then supposed to gargle with salt water and continue your normal oral hygiene routine.

Supporters of oil pulling believe that it can address virtually any health issue. It is said to treat migraines, skin care issues, and other overall health problems. There are few studies that can support these claims. However, some studies also show there are some oral health benefits to oil pulling. Unfortunately, these are the same health benefits that you would enjoy from simply swishing around Listerine.

Health Risks Associated With Oil Pulling

The general consensus with oil pulling is that it may not result with a ton of benefits, but it also doesn’t hurt to try. It is this attitude that can make oil pulling particular dangerous.

The lack of evidence showing the benefits of oil pulling is alarming. Instead of seeking medical treatment for a particular health problem, individuals believe that a do-it-yourself treatment like oil pulling can treat the issue. Despite the huge health claims of oil pulling, we recommend going to an actual doctor to receive treatment.

Other dangers associated with oil pulling include using oils with harmful additives. A study from Harvard Medical School found that one in five Ayurvedic herbal medical products contained harmful levels of lead, mercury or arsenic. Oil pulling can also potentially cause lipoid pneumonia if the oil gets into the lungs. Other health risks reported from oil pulling include diarrhea or upset stomach.

Contact our Office in Spokane

Like we mentioned before, oil pulling should not be used as a replacement treatment for any health conditions. It’s important to continue your oral hygiene routine as normal when oil pulling and to immediately seek treatment if you notice oral health problems. If you’re currently dealing with tooth loss, consider dental implants to restore your smile. Dental implants can give you a natural-looking smile that can last for years to come with the proper maintenance. To get started on your dental implant journey, contact our office today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Chaffin here in Spokane, WA.

Chaffin Dental Care Presents Tips And Tricks For Good Oral Health

We often hear the phrase “you are what you eat” when patients are trying to stick to a healthy diet. Here at Chaffin Dental Care, we believe that good health and eating properly are the foundation of good overall health. However, although they may understand eating healthfully, many patients fail to understand that some foods can also be damaging for your teeth and gums. Here is some additional information about your diet and how it can affect your oral health.

What Makes That Pesky Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky, sometimes thick, nearly invisible coating that covers teeth and can create an oral health nightmare. In reality, it is easy to keep plaque to a minimum if we can understand what it is made of, how it is formed and how it can impact our teeth. Scientifically speaking, plaque is composed of bacteria and other acidic materials. After consuming food or beverages, sugars and starches contact the plaque making acids that attack teeth for nearly 20 minutes after you eat. And once these acids eat away your tooth enamel, it is gone forever. Over time, this breaks down enamel on the surface of teeth and can lead to tooth decay.

To minimize the damage of foods and promote a healthy mouth, we recommend using the following tips and tricks:

Chew Sugarless Gum.

A moist mouth is a healthy mouth, so keep your saliva at a good level by chewing gum. A good sugar-free product can remove food particles from your mouth and neutralize dangerous acids that could cause decay. Get your chewing done between and after meals to provide the most benefits to your teeth and gums.

Consume Dairy Products.

Eating low-fat dairy products help create healthy moisture in the mouth that can assist in washing away high levels of plaque, bacteria, and food particles. The calcium in dairy products also helps restore minerals your teeth might have been lost due to the consumption of other foods. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are helpful for creating healthy oral tissues.

Try Foods Rich In Fluoride.

Good levels of fluoride-rich products can help keep teeth cavity-free. Powdered juices, dehydrated soups, poultry products, seafood, and powdered cereals give healthy doses of fluoride that are good for teeth. Mouthwash and toothpaste with fluoride are also highly recommended.

Stick To Fiber-Rich Fruits And Vegetables.

Foods rich in fiber help get saliva flowing and allow it to wash away dangerous particles. Try celery and carrots or apple slices to help keep your mouth healthy.

Sip Green And Black Teas.

Green and black teas contain polyphenols that can help reduce plaque and bacteria. These beverages also neutralize acidic pH in the mouth, which strengthens teeth and reduces the chances of cavities. Try a sugar-free green tea or a low calorie black tea beverage for clean and healthy teeth.

Avoid Sweets.

Everyone knows that sweets can be bad for your health. Additionally, things like lollipops, fruits snacks, taffy, candy and cough drops contain large amounts of refined sugar that can easily stick to your teeth. Avoid consumption of these foods to reduce the chances of tooth decay.

Eliminate Soda And Sugary Drinks.

Products like sports and soft drinks are very acidic thanks to tons of added sugar, phosphoric and citric acids. This additives and sweeteners can wear away tooth enamel, increase tooth decay and ultimately cause oral health problems. So cut back on these products for better oral health.

Reduce Substances That Can Dry Out Your Mouth.

Some products can do damage to your mouth by drying out oral tissues. These items include tobacco products, alcohol, vitamins and prescription medications. Reduce or eliminate these things to get better oral health. Talk to your doctor about medicines that can dry out your mouth and how you can switch to alternative ones.

Be Careful With Starchy Products That Can Stick To Teeth.

Baked goods like soft white bread, potato chips, and sticky pastas can get trapped between your teeth and create decay. So avoid these products if you want to have better teeth and avoid extra time in the dental chair!

Come In And See Dr. Chaffin For All Your Dental Care

Patients in Spokane, WA know all about the wonderful benefits of seeing a dentist regularly. But many patients delay treatment because of embarrassment over missing teeth. But here at Chaffin Dental Care we offer an array of smile make-over products that can restore or perfect your teeth in just months with very little pain or cost. Dental implants are just one great product we offer. Call us today for your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Chaffin!

What’s the Deal with Good Oral Health?

Dental health is a topic that often gets swept under the rug in favor of more interesting health and wellness topics. However, Dr. Chaffin and his knowledgeable staff want their patients to know about the importance of dental health and how it can play a large part in the state of their overall health. Here is some additional information about why your oral health is so important.

Why Should I Have Good Oral Health?

There are a variety of reasons why patients need to maintain good oral health. Keeping your mouth in good shape can help you keep your teeth instead of ending up with a mouth full of dentures in old age. Good oral health can also mean having functional teeth, as well as being able to smile with confidence and comfort. The presence of strong teeth greatly improves your speech and a pleasant smile enhances your personality.

Problems Associated With Poor Oral Health

Alternatively, missing or broken teeth can result in a loss of self-esteem, reduced employment possibilities and poor social interaction. Patients with poor dental health often have other problems like depression and anxiety related to their missing digits. Experts have also linked poor oral health with other dangerous diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, low birth weight, osteoporosis and other health problems. Consequently, it makes sense that practicing good oral health could bring about a positive change that could also impact overall health.

What Does Good Oral Health Mean?

Often patients are told to strive for good oral hygiene and a healthy mouth. However, some patients are not really sure what that means. Good oral hygiene means that when you are finished properly caring for your teeth, your mouth will look and smell healthy. Some examples of this are:

Teeth are clean, white and free of debris or food particles.
Gums are a healthy pink color and do not bleed or hurt when you brush or floss them.
Your breath smells fresh and clean and bad breath is not a chronic problem.
There are no open sores, excessive discoloration or raised areas in your mouth or on your teeth.
How Can Dental Implants Improve Your Oral Health?

Missing spaces between teeth can mean plaque and bacteria build-up that could cause cavities, gum disease, and other problems. Filling in those empty spaces with attractive and natural-looking dental implants can prevent plaque and food build-up. Additionally, dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement product that can stop or reverse the jawbone deterioration that usually occurs with missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause a sunken facial appearance and premature wrinkles around the mouth. Filling those gaps can also help you maintain a full and youthful facial appearance.

How Can I Prevent Poor Oral Hygiene?

Fortunately, missing teeth, poor dental hygiene, and bad oral health are usually prevalent problems.The prevalence of oral disease shows up most often in disadvantaged populations that have limited access to proper dental health care. However, most of the population here in the United States has the means and ability to create better oral health at home. Here are some ways you can ensure good oral health:

-Brush and floss your teeth after every meal.
-Use a good quality fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste at least once a day.
-Chew sugar-free gum between and after meals if brushing is not possible.
-Avoid high-sugar foods and drinks.
-Keep your mouth properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
-See your dentist twice a year for regular check-ups and proper cleanings.
-Why You Should Choose Chaffin Dental Care

Finding a good dental care provider is a challenge that many of us face after we decide to fix our smile. There are hundreds of providers across the state of Washington and dozens that claim they provide dental implant services. Here at Chaffin Dental Care, our staff is qualified, educated, and experienced. We are also dedicated to transforming smiles and ensuring that all our patients leave satisfied. Feel free to peruse our testimonials page to learn more from our valued patients and their experiences.

Come To Chaffin Dental Care To Improve Your Oral Health

Chaffin Dental Care wants all their Spokane, WA patients to know that their dental problems and missing or crooked teeth need not keep them from smiling with confidence. Dr. Chris Chaffin and his wonderful staff offer amazing dental implants that can improve and restore your smile quickly and easily. We offer great pricing options, so give us a call for your no-obligation consultation.

Why Transform Your Smile At Chaffin Dental Care?

It is common for many of our patients to experience dissatisfaction or a dip in self-esteem when it comes to missing or damaged teeth. If this is a problem that you are currently experiencing, now is the time to make a change. Here at Chaffin Dental Care, we have many procedures that can transform your damaged teeth and make a huge difference in your smile! In just a few short office visits, we will consult with you on what procedures you want, determine which treatment works best for you, and then work to make your dreams a reality.

How Can Dental Implants Transform My Smile?

Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement procedure that has quickly become the standard of care to replace missing or damaged teeth. The device itself is composed of a foundational piece called a fixture, a middle piece called an abutment and the body of the tooth, often referred to as the crown. Once healed, these parts make up a permanent dental implant that looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth.

How Much Will My Procedure Cost?

The first question that most of our patients want to know is if this type of makeover is expensive. The answer to this question will depend upon the type of work you need done. In many cases, the work may be a bit expensive in the beginning, but will actually save you money in the future when you can avoid having to replace less-permanent options like bridges or dentures. On average, most dental implants cost between $2,000 and $5,000 per tooth. However, patients should be aware that this total can vary based upon the type of implant used, location, provider, and whether supplemental procedures are necessary.

Why You Should Fix Your Missing Or Damaged Teeth

Your teeth are very important because they are strongly tied to self-esteem, confidence, and comfort with everyday things like eating, talking, and smiling. If patients are self-conscious about their smile, their lack of confidence can impact all aspects of life. Looking at your smile from this perspective, how can patients afford not to make a change for the positive? Now is time to make a change so you can be happy about the way you look. Here are some additional reasons why you should replace or repair your less-than-perfect smile:

Improve Oral Health. Replacing missing teeth can fill in gaps between teeth that draw in food, plaque, and bacteria. Filling in these spaces amounts to less collection of these dangerous substances and overall better oral health.

Strengthen Jaw Muscle. Being able to chew again means that your jaw muscles will become strong once more and you will once again be able to eat the foods you love.

Stop Bone Deterioration. In The Jaw- Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement option that can actually stop and sometimes reverse the jawbone deterioration that usually occurs with tooth loss.

Increase Self-Confidence. Having a whiter, brighter smile means that you can once again smile with confidence and make a great first impression.

Improve Overall Health. Studies have linked poor oral health to a number of serious diseases like Alzheimer ’s, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, low birth weight and many other problems. So repairing your oral health can mean better overall health as well.

How Do Dental Implants Compare To Other Products

The most popular tooth replacement options are dentures, bridges, and dental implants. But how do dental implants compare to these other two options? Here is a breakdown of the differences:

Dental Implants:

The Benefits: Dental implants look, feel, and function like real teeth. Dental implants also help restore optimal dental health, restore muscle tone, improve self-confidence, and help stop bone deterioration in the jawbone. And finally, dental implants can help restore good oral health and assist in improved overall health.

The Drawbacks: Dental implants are the most expensive option and are often not covered by dental insurance. The process can also be much longer than other options at between 3 months and a year.


The Benefits: Dentures are the least expensive and quickest option. Additionally, if patients have other health problems they may not be able to get dental implants, but they can usually get dentures.

The Drawbacks: Dentures often look like artificial teeth and can be uncomfortable. Dentures can slip, pinch, and prevent patients from eating or speaking normally. They also allow for basic bit function, but patients end up suffering from a flattened jawbone due to bone deterioration.


The Benefits: Bridges are less expensive than dental implants but can be more expensive than dentures. They are the middle option as far as time it takes to get the treatment. They also are easier than dental implants since no surgery is required.

The Drawbacks: Bridges need to be replaced about every ten years. They also require adjacent teeth to be ground down to provide space for the bridge. This can result in a greater chance for decay, damage, or sensitivity of surrounding teeth.

Come To Chaffin Dental Care To Improve Your Dental Health

If you live in the Spokane, WA area and want to know more about the wonderful benefits of dental implants, come see Dr. Chaffin! There is no better time than now to improve your smile and restore your self-confidence. Call us today and get started on a stunning and healthy smile with Dr. Chaffin!

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